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Captivated by sound, music played an essential role in carving out a path for me chronologically in life. At age 5, I fostered all that was necessary to begin the musical launching pad with formal training and talent. With that conventional training as well as an organic approach, my heart and soul became entrenched with inspiration to incorporate music into my life.


I would always find myself anxiously looking forward to the next best release of any genre, resulting in becoming a fan of music as well as a practitioner.


Fascinated in my teenage years of the electronic and now the digital aspect of music, I was more driven to create beyond limits.


Growing up in a house of seven children all of which were musically inclined at different levels, I found myself surrounded with my first impressionable influences.

For example, I certainly must credit my oldest brother for recognizing my vision in electronic music by supplying me with LP’s of influential progressives such as Quincy Jones, Eumir Deodato and many others not mentioned.


I recognized my musical freedom in Jazz. This was due to the improvisational aspect of the genre along with developing my song writing skills playing in night clubs.


The EM and or EDM side of me is not just a genre of choice but it creates a means allowing me to garner creative works set aside for future exploration.


Having an extensive background in technology and music, I am able to leverage the synergies in very efficient ways.


From the chipped ivory keys on an upright piano I played in the house I grew up in to writing and producing music using a digital audio work station, I will always view the musical landscape as an ever evolving thus never ending journey.

Abaye L'Bert
Abbertnet LLC
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